Welcome To Jay Ho 24/7 Internet channel

JayHo TV started its online presence in AUGUST 2011 with a motto to spread divine knowledge on how to attain- victory of Soul.

Since its online presence Jayho has been successfully webcasting knowledge based programs 24/7 which are provided by renowned Pundits, Gurumaharajs and philosophers.

Few names to mention are Param Pujya Devratna Maharaj Saheb, Maa Purnananda, Pujya Gurudev Chitrabhanuji, Param Pujya Ratnasundersurishwarji Maharaj Saheb, Param Pujya J.P. Maharaj, Param Pujya Jinchandraji Maharaj(Bandhu Triputi), Param Pujya Vasantvijayaji Maharaj, Param Pujya Nareshmuni Maharaj, Shri.Ratanjit Sondhe and many more

With rapid increase in usage of Telecommunication Gadgets like Smart Phones, Tablet Pcs, Laptops etc. and people with less time to spend on the self development we at JayHo thought of making our channel available for all those on the move & interested in watching spiritually inclined knowledge sessions anytime anywhere.

We are inviting variety of knowledge Gurus/ Maharajs to start their association with JayHo and spread their knowledge to large number of people around the Globe. To webcast your shows online on Jay Ho e-mail us.


Happiness is the sign of GOD Realization.
"Jai Ho" means "may victory be yours."  In this materialistic word you overcome all greed Kama (lust), Krodha (anger), Lobha (covetousness), Moha (delusion), Mada (pride), Matsarya (jealousy)

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